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Here is a small sampling of what people have to say about our studio. We welcome your feedback!

Suzanne Callahan, February 2017

"CDA is a rising star in the dance world. The studio is experiencing phenomenal success as top ballet companies select our dancers for apprenticeships and offer scholarships for summer internships. Two very special owners, Jen and Robbin Shahani, have built a formula for success after enjoying their own professional careers. For pointe work, Jen is the most knowledgeable and talented instructor in the business. She produces dramatic results because she has the experience and keen awareness to train each dancer as an individual and not as a group.

Unlike most studios, both classes and performance rehearsals are open to viewing. We have the unique opportunity to witness the artistic directors creating the performance pieces and the joy of watching our dancers as the magic unfolds. Above all, our girls are happy here. We couldn't ask for anything more in a studio."


Isabelle Picalause, February 2017

"My granddaughter (age 6) started to take a ballet class in Sept. 2016. She loved it so much that she soon enrolled in two additional classes and led her younger cousin to join the pre-Ballet class. She's learned so much already and had the opportunity to perform in a magical Nutcracker! The students are carefully placed according their age and abilities and are being assessed at the end of the school year. The professional teachers provide a warm learning environment. I am delighted we are now part of the CDA family:)"


Rebecca Murphy, July 2016

"Performance opportunities include an AMAZING PROFESSIONAL version of The Nutcracker every December, as well as excerpts from famous ballets for Spring Showcase. I cannot say enough good things about the great learning going on here. Come check it out for yourself! Parents are friendly -- no scary dance moms here!"


Vickie Jensen, March 2016

"California Dance Academy is amazing, plain and simple. My daughter has been dancing with CDA since she was 4, and I cannot imagine having found a better place for her to grow as a dancer.

At the pre-ballet and beginning ballet levels, the kids are nurtured and encouraged in their love of dance. The owner/directors and teachers all have a strong understanding of physical and emotional development that other studios do not. At the intermediate, advanced, and pre-professional levels, CDA also shines. The studio facilities are fantastic and provide plenty of room for full dance performance training.

For the family looking for a great studio for any level of training, it doesn't get better than CDA."


Rob Rogers, December 2015

"Our daughter has been training at CDA for 2 years and has excelled. The teachers are fantastic and the recitals keep the kids focused on manageable goals.

We now have seen two Nutcrackers performed by CDA and with all honesty can say it equals the production of the LA Ballet. The costumes and choreography are modern and the energy and skill from the dancers is amazing especially when you consider their age.

Thank you Robbin and Jen for creating this environment!!!!!"


Thea Carlsen, June 2014

"Where do I begin? I have a 13 year old daughter that has been dancing since she was 3. We have been to several studios and this is by far the best one! It’s such a nurturing environment, my daughter can't wait to get to the studio. Her technique has improved dramatically in the last year.

I'm so glad this gem of a studio is right in my backyard!”


Candice Anastasi, January 2014

"Robbin and Jen, I just want you to know that after seeing a video of another studio, I am even more impressed with the work you do with our kids. Wow. I am so thankful for the level of excellence you teach the students and the opportunities you give them to be in a professional performance! Thank you. Striving for excellence matters because it is so important in all areas of life."


Loraine Taneja, November 2013

"The high level of technical and artistic training my daughter has received at CDA has allowed her to attend the finest national ballet summer intensives, and on full scholarship! We feel very lucky to have a local school that can provide that kind of top-notch instruction."


Christy Nicks, July 2013

"Hi Robbin & Jen -- Thank you both so much for the time and dedication you put into the studio and our girls!! We truly appreciate the family atmosphere at CDA. It is so nice to see the girls being taught dance at a high level in a caring environment. Thanks for everything. Ellie can't wait to get back to the studio!"


Marian Limb, July 2012

"The discipline that ballet has instilled in Maddy has and will continue to permeate all that she does! Thanks for everything and count on us to continue to refer all of our friends to the best ballet studio in the valley!"


Vickie Jensen, October 2011

“California Dance Academy is an amazing place that provides outstanding dance training and experience in an atmosphere that is encouraging and sensitive to a dancer's level of development (both as a dancer and as a child/teen). They are equally outstanding with 3 year olds and pre-professionals.

I also like the fact that it is owned by two extremely talented and real (i.e. not corporate) people who are present, involved, and personable. After awhile, you begin to feel like you are part of the place more than just bringing your kid for lessons. All this and real stage experience too!

I am so glad that we stumbled across CDA. I am quite sure that my little dancer will keep coming for a long time to come!


Pat Holt, May 2011

“There are many places that teach dance, but since nothing but ‘the best’ would do for my granddaughter; she is at California Dance Academy. As soon as you cross the threshold, you can literally ‘feel’ the warmth of the staff that genuinely cares about the children, the parents, the grandparents.

Jen and her husband, Robbin, as well as each of the other instructors, are not only accomplished dancers and teachers, but more importantly – they surround the children with an unending supply of kindness, patience, and gentleness.

In the quest for excellence of technique, joy, fun, and laughter are never sacrificed!

Mega-congratulations to California Dance Academy for achieving such a beautiful balance!”

Barbie Davalos, May 2010

"Robbin and Jen, I can't thank you enough. Isabella was on Cloud 9 after performing on Saturday evening. She told me that it was the best day of her life and that she felt a lot of love in her heart.

A parent couldn't ask for a better response! It makes me tear up thinking about it.

Ms. Tania and Ms. Lori, you are the best! You are top notch. I couldn't be happier with the instruction. Definite quality! Thank you so much”

Linda Matthies, March 2010

“My daughter has learned SOOOO much since she started at CDA last fall. Not only has her dancing improved, but her attitude toward dancing has improved. As a parent, it's wonderful to see your child truly take an interest in something. Thank you for all you do and making kids’ dreams come true!”

Shefali Parikh, March 2010

“There’s a real difference in your studio from others that we’ve tried. It’s great how you manage to instill dance technique, discipline and life skills in the students while keeping the entire process fun! I couldn’t be happier -- keep up the good work!”

Janet Kim, November 2009

"Dear Mr. Robbin and Ms. Jen,

I just wanted to take the time to let you know how happy I am with Ms. Lori. My daughter, Avery Kim is in her Wednesday, 3:15 advanced pre-ballet class. Ms. Lori's class is so much fun. She teaches different techniques in very creative, easy and fun ways. She's super nice and very attentive and patient with each child. My daughter looks forward to going to her lesson every week. I have seen her learn so much in such a short period of time.

I have to say that this studio has totally impressed me. This studio is exactly what I was looking for. Everyone that works here is very friendly and approachable.

Thank you for making this such a positive experience for myself and my daughter. "


Stephanie Khalighi, May 2008

“My daughter studied dance for seven years before coming to CDA. I find she is getting a much better dance education here with professional instructors and smaller classes. She loves it and is improving every day!"


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