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The Aspiring Dancer Program at California Dance Academy is designed for the serious student who wishes to pursue dance to their highest level so they may possibly choose to dance in college or at the professional level in the future. In order to achieve a high level of success, students must commit themselves to several classes per week and will be expected to participate with conviction in all classes.

Students will need to enroll in a minimum number of classes and must maintain attendance in order to continue participation. Students in the Aspiring Dancer Program will receive discounted tuition while enrolled. If attendance is not adequate during any one month, the student will be put on probation and may be dropped from the program if attendance does not improve. Student may then continue in classes but will not receive the discounted rate. Due to the reduced nature of the tuition, ADP students will be limited to four classes per month in makeup lessons. Students are expected to attend classes on a consistent basis.

Aspiring Dancers may not train at other studios without permission. If the Aspiring Dancer leaves the program at any time during the academic year, they may be subject to a proration of regular tuition charges (i.e., full rate) from the time of their last performance, and not rejoin until the following academic year.

Participation in all performances, including Nutcracker and Spring Showcase, is mandatory for Aspiring Dancers unless dancer receives approval from a Director. For Spring Showcase, ADP Dancers must perform in all classes for which they are registered. We will continue to seek out more performance opportunities for our Aspiring Dancers so that they can become confident performers and showcase their talent. Our goal is to assist dancers reach their fullest potential so that they may have the future that they desire. Please let the Front Desk know if you desire to join this program when you register for classes.


BALLET D & INTERMEDIATE STUDENTS – 6 Classes per Week Minimum
3+ Ballet Technique Classes – 1 Pre-Pointe/Pointe Class (for Intermediates) –
1-2 Alternate Style Classes

ADVANCED STUDENTS – 7 Classes per Week Minimum
4+ Ballet Technique Classes – 1 Pointe Class – 1+ Alternate Style Class


  • $312 – 6 Classes per Week $13 /class
  • $350 – 7 Classes per Week 12.50 /class
  • $384 – 8 Classes per Week 12 /class
  • $414 – 9 Classes per Week 11.50 /class
  • $440 – 10 Classes per Week 11 /class
  • $462 – 11 Classes per Week 10.50 /class
  • $480 – 12+ Classes per Week 10 or less /class
  • No additional discounts may apply.
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